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Trinity United Methodist Church Scholarships  Emmitsburg, MD

 Following the Wesleyan tradition, Trinity United Methodist Church in Emmitsburg, MD supports the educational and religious growth of local students whose lives reflect John Wesley’s fervent belief that faith is not solitary, but rather it nourishes a social conscience and aspires toward improving the lives of others.


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Trinity United Methodist Church Scholarships 

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Faith and Service

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 Trinity UMC considers it a blessing to be able to offers financial support to individuals who demonstrate an active commitment to faith and service, exhibit strong leadership qualities, serve as Christian role models both in and out of a school setting, and are likely develop an even more robust commitment to service through the pursuit of higher education. 

While membership or attendance at a United Methodist Church is not required, successful applications must exhibit both a strong faithfulness to the teachings of Jesus Christ and an active engagement in service to others.

 Trinity UMC is blessed to be able to provide financial support to individuals who demonstrate an active commitment to serving others and honoring God's creations by pursuing careers dedicated to agriculture and the environment, such as  agricultural science, forestry, soil science, agricultural economics, sustainable agriculture, and environmental engineering. 

Affiliation with a United Methodist Church is not required. However, a successful applicant will exhibit the values and commitments that are commiserate with those of the United Methodist Church.

Agriculture-Environmental Scholarship

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