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Music Sheets

Music Ministry

Music is an offering to the glory of God. Through music we seek to create beauty and inspiration in worship.  Music sets the tone and mood for worship, joins us as a community, and provides opportunity for expression of our deepest feelings of joy, celebration, and reverence. 

Our Sunday services are highlighted with a wide range of music, including both traditional hymns as well as contemporary selections.  These are accompanied by piano, organ, and acoustic guitar.

Music Sheets
Worship Services
Music during the worship services are guided by our Music Leader. Most of the congregational music are traditional hymns. Worshipers are free to use the UMC hymnals or the large screen displays, which displays the words the hymns.
Book of Chords
Soul Seekers
Trinity's Soul Seekers are the church's choir. They perform traditional worship music as well as contemporary praise songs. The Soul Seekers sing most every Sunday during the worship service and often highlighted by solos and duets.  

Gene Eyler, Soul Seekers Director & Acoustic Guitarist

Image by Bruno Croci
image of woman playing a piano
All of the music at Trinity is accompanied by our Church Musician, who is an accomplished pianist and organist and member of the Soul Seekers.

Rachel Olson, Church Musician

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